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The Gold Under the Water

Author: Anson Banda; 1996


ISBN: 9982-24-158-3; pp30



An adventure story about a group of children who become involved in helping the authorities catch a gang involved in illegal fishing.


Getting Help
Author: Gabriel Ellison; Illustrator: Jane Jellis; 2002


ISBN: 9982-24-018-8; pp20



This reader is based on a true story of three brothers orphaned by AIDS. It tells how they were helped to retrieve family money by the combined efforts of the church, the police and the social services. It is intended to encourage children to find help in the community.

Luo Learns a Hard Lesson
Author and illustrator: Gabriel Ellison; 2002


ISBN: 9982-24-019-6



This reader illustrates the fact that you cannot tell by appearances whether someone is HIV positive or not. Thin people are not necessarily suffering from AIDS. Another theme is the isolation of people feared to be HIV positive. The children in the story are taught how to avoid catching AIDS and that it is safe to live and play with people who may have the virus.


Suzi learns about AIDS

Author and illustrator: Gabriel Ellison; 2002

ISBN: 9982-24-017-X; pp16


This reader introduces children to the problem of AIDS. It discusses how a child can

avoid catching the HIV virus. It also explains that it is safe to play and live with people

who may have the virus.


 Environmental Reader

 AIDS Readers

Cross Curricular AIDS Awareness Activity Books

Authors; Anson Banda, Bupe Mwansa and John Rye; 2009

Grade 5: ISBN: 978 9982-24-032-1

Grade 6: ISBN: 978 9982-24-033-8

Grade 7: ISBN: 978 9982-24-034-5

Teachers Guide: ISBN: 978 9982-24-035-2

Pupils books K30.00/US$3; teachers guide K40.00/US$4

The aim of these books is to expand children’s knowledge about AIDS and to encourage safe and responsible behaviour through activities such as puzzles, plays and discussions.

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