Gadsden Publishers Co-Publish The Caine Prize

The Caine Prize for African Writing is a literature prize awarded to an African writer of a short story published in English. The prize was launched in 2000 to encourage and highlight the richness and diversity of African writing by bringing it to a wider audience internationally. The focus on the short story reflects the contemporary development of the African story-telling tradition.


Redemption Song and Other Stories

Author: Various; 2018

ISBN: 978-9982-24-112-0


A boy dreams of escape to America from his troubled life in a slum on the Lagos lagoon... A woman discovers that a strange creature has taken up residence in her vagina... Armed robbers announce their intention of visiting Abati Close, throwing all the residents into confusion... Meri is not like other street kids – there has always been something different about her... The real story of Solomon Grundy, born on Monday, involving an If priestess-to-be, doomed romance and a breach in the fabric of time...

The Goddess of Mtwara and Other Stories

Author: Various; 2017

ISBN: 978-9982-24-105-2


A girl raises a baby made of human hair from the salon where she works, with unpredictable results… A prodigal brother arrives at his sister’s in the dead of night, ravaged by the unearthly deal he made to escape his gambling debts… A poet is captivated by a girl walking in the market who ultimately meets a mysterious end… A male student in Nigeria falls passionately in love with another man while coping with the disintegration of his family… Following a global cyber attack, an Afrikaner farmer and former soldier looks back in anger on his life and what he sees as the betrayal of his people…

The Daily Assortment of Astonishing Things
Author: Various; 2016


ISBN: 978-9982-24-102-1



A man accused of sexual harassment tells the bizarre tale of the Lifebloom gift, which is accessed through the moles on people’s skin… In the late 21st century a mathematical formula has been discovered that allows a few gifted people to relieve others of their grief – but at what cost?… A son charts the disintegration of his mother and his family, Nigerian immigrants to Utah… The rivalries and rifts between two cousins raised as twins are recalled as one lies dead before the other… A girl acts as protector when her sister’s mental-health problems cause consternation in a South African village…

Lusaka Punk and Other Stories
Author: Various; 2015


ISBN: 978-9982-24-094-9



This collection brings together eighteen short stories; the five 2015 shortlisted stories, along with stories written at the 2015 Caine Prize Writers Workshop that took place in Ghana. The 2015 prize was won by a Zambian writer, Namwali Serpell.

The Gonjon Pin and Other Stories
Author: Various; 2014


ISBN: 978-9982-24-089-5



The 2014 collection includes the five shortlisted stories and the stories written at the Caine Prize Writers' Workshop.

A Memory This Size and Other Stories
Author: Various; 2013


ISBN: 978-9982-24-086-4



A chronically shortsighted young man finds himself the target of a preacher’s miracle cure… Despite his American street phrases and his fistful of dollars, a prodigal son’s visit to his Sierra Leone home does not go quite as planned… A medical student blinded in an accident seems to lose everything but soon learns what he has gained… Life on the edge for a gang of street boys paid to disrupt an election… An oil spill opens a path for a Nigerian teacher to join the woman she loves in the US…

Curse of the fig cover website.jpg

African Violet and Other Stories
Author: Various; 2012


ISBN: 978-9982-24-085-7



The life and times of a war hero who discovers the oddities of the world and returns to declare his own form of independence…An inveterate chancer and drunk gives a command performance as he outwits his boss…Sensation grips Malawi as a homosexual caught in the act takes a righteous stand…A sister and brother discover the world of wealth and expectation that separates their lives in Senegal and the US…A severed leg in a tree leads a maverick investigator down the darkest of trails…

 Zambian Fiction 

Curse of the Fig - A collection of short stories

Author: Jacob M'hango; 2018

ISBN: 978-9-98224-110-6



'​"This collection of short stories marks the entry onto the Zambian literary stage of a bright new talent. It has everything a reader wants to see: variety of theme and style, variety of suspense technique and a range of characters that adds to the drama and beauty of the narratives. If this is just the first instalment from this young author, and not even the best yet, then my heart warms up when I think of what the best from this writer might look like. This writer has the capacity not only to contribute to the Zambian literacy landscape, but also to impress beyond Zambia's borders"

Dr. Cheela Chilala, Dpt. of Literature and Languages, University of Zambia

A Casualty of Power (Co-published with Weaver Press)

Author: Mukuka Chipanta; 2016

ISBN: 978-1-77922-297-8


K120.00 - Distribution confined to Zambia

'He boarded the inter-city bus and set off on the six-hour journey to Lusaka – Christopher Columbus en route to discover a new world.'

Outside the classroom, Hamoonga's life, and his hope for the future, were soon entangled in a web of greed, international crime, and betrayal. Only in the end will he know who his true friends are.

Changing Fortunes
Author: Gabriel Ellison; 2015


ISBN: 978-9982-24-095-6



A novel about a young woman who faces many problems in achieving an education and escaping from village life. She finally finds both career satisfaction and personal happiness.

Quills of Desire
Author: Binwell Sinyangwe; 2011


ISBN: 978-9982-24-054-3



Tells the story of an intelligent but temperamental man whose behaviour causes his failure to obtain the educational qualifications he needs to fulfil his ambitions. Woza is faced with alternatives of urban poverty or return to rural life with his family.

An Admirable Woman
Author: Gabriel Ellison; 2010


ISBN: 978-9982-24-055-0



A historical novel based on the true life story of a Mambwe woman, Mwenya, renamed Meli by the London Missionary Society. Meli was taken as a slave and later freed and given into the care of Kawimbe Mission. She experienced the German invasion of Northern Rhodesia and in her old age became an elder in the church.

 Teen Fiction 

Sula and Ja (Co-published with Storymoja, Kenya)
Author: Ellen Banda-Aaku; 2016


ISBN: 978-9982-24-100-7


K75.00/US$7.50 - Distribution confined to Zambia
Sula and a Ja is about two students in their final year at school. They come from very different social backgrounds but they have to work together on a science project. The story explores their home backgrounds, their feelings about each other and their changing relationship.

My Grief
Author: Patricia Fundi; 2007


ISBN: 978-9982-24-044-4



A story of three orphaned sisters abused by their uncle.


Chisi – A Woman of Courage
Author: Gabriel Ellison; 1998


ISBN: 9982-24-010-2; pp136



This historical novel is based on the life of a Bisa girl who was taken in slavery by the Bemba and sold to an Arab slaver. She managed to escape and ended her days in a German mission station.

Dawn is Coming
Author: Timothy Holmes; 1998


ISBN: 9982-24-008-0; pp136


A story about three generations of an African family. It portrays a society riddled with disease, corruption and crime. Despite the difficulties they face the story’s orphaned children eventually achieve some security and hope for the future.

 Teen Life Skills

Success is a Journey

Author: Chawezi Mwantemba; 2008

ISBN: 978-9982-24-043-7; pp84


​​​Success is a Journey, not a Destination is a life skills book for high schools. By focusing on the life histories of successful Zambians it highlights the character traits and work patterns that can lead to success. Each chapter concludes with discussion topics and exercises.