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Education in Zambia; Catholic Perspectives
Author: Brendan Carmody; Reprinted in 2018


ISBN: 978-9982-24-113-7; pp21


US$ 14

Education in Zambia: Catholic Perspectives, presents the history of Catholic missionary education in Zambia over a century. It articulates the perspectives not only of the missionaries and colonial officials but also of Zambian students, lecturers and administrators. the book illustrates how the mission school could provide a place of creative tension in its role as an instrument of Christian conversion and as a gateway to modernity.

Religious Conversion: An African Perspective
Editor: Brendan Carmody; 2015


ISBN:978 9982 24 096 3; pp276



This collection of mostly already published texts on conversion in Africa is intended primarily for students of anthropology and the history of religion.  It discusses the Horton thesis that religious change results from social transformation and includes chapters by Robin Horton, Humphrey Fisher and Richard Gray. It also has chapters on Zambia by Elizabeth Colson, W Van Binsbergen, Austin Cheyeka and Felix Phiri.

The Evolution of Education in Zambia
Author: Brendan Carmody; 2004 - Reprinted 2016


ISBN:9982-24-027-7;  pp218



An historical account of the development of formal education in Zambia. The author questions the nature of the education that has evolved in terms of both its quality and its relevance to Zambia’s people today.