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History, Politics and Autobiographies


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Mubanga E Kashoki: Nation Building in the Context of 'One Zambia, One Nation'

Author: Mubanga E Kashoki; 2018

ISBN: 978-9982-24-110-6

Price: K120/US$12

In Nation Building in the context of One Zambia, One Nation, the author discusses questions of definition and explores the complex issues of national integration, national unity and nations itself. Professor Kashoki argues that 'One Zambia, One Nation' is much more than a political slogan.

Katongo Mulenga Maine: The Life and Journey of an Entrepreneur

Author: Katongo Mulenga Maine; 2017

ISBN: 978-9982-24-109-0

Price: K170/US$17

This is the story of a courageous, determined and intelligent woman, and a loving wife, mother and friend, who excelled in nursing, business and politics. It is the first in our Remarkable Woman of Zambia series.

Katongo was among the founders of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy. She attended the Garden House Conference and after the election to power of MMD became the Member of Parliament for Chinsali, and a deputy minister. But she became disillusioned with politics, resigned and returned to the private sector.

Maureen Nkandu: Tried and Tested My First Fifty Years
Author: Maureen Nkandu; 2017


ISBN: 978-9982-24-104-5



When she was twelve years old Maureen Nkandu told Queen Elizabeth II that she wanted to be a television star when she grew up. Twenty years later she was able to tell the Queen at a reception in Durban, South Africa, that she had achieved her ambition. In her autobiography, Maureen discusses her early days at Zambia National Broadcasting Company and why she left, her move to Bophuthatswana, training in India and Europe, her challenging but exciting career with South African Broadcasting Corporation, and her work with the BBC in London.

The Mwanawasa Years: An Analysis of his Presidency
Author: Reginald Ntomba; 2016


ISBN: 978-9982-24-101-4



A brilliant student, an accomplished lawyer, a reluctant politician, a suprise presidential candidate who was controversially elected and incessantly criticised; Levy Mwanawasa posthumously enjoys high approval ratings. As if he were a prophet, he told some of his confidants that Zambians would appreciate him  when he was gone.

Remnants of Empire - Memory and Northern Rhodesia's White Diaspora

Author: Pamela Shurmer-Smith; 2015





Pamela Shurmer-Smith, an anthropologist, has traced survivors of Northern Rhodesia’s white diaspora, globally and through cyber-space, to discover how new lives were constructed and new perspectives generated. Her account draws on the power of postcolonial memory to understand the many ways that copper miners, district officers, school-children and housewives became the empire's relics. Her work is not that of a dispassionate outsider but of one who grew up in Northern Rhodesia, knew its colonial population and has considerable affection for Zambia. It is her commemoration of 50 years of Independence.

From Northern Rhodesia to Zambia - Recollections of a DO/DC 1962-73

Author: Mick Bond; 2014





The birth of a new nation is an exciting time. Mick Bond spent the years 1962-73 as a District Officer and District Commissioner, actively participating in the demise of the colonial regime as a civil servant in independent Zambia. He fell in love with the country and it’s people.

What on Earth is a Ruling Party in a Multiparty Democracy?

Author: Mubanga Kashoki; 2014





A collection of papers and presentations by Professor Mubanga Kashoki on politics and language policy designed to stimulate debate.

BuIozi Under the Luyana Kings; Political Evolution and State Formation in Pre-Colonial Zambia

Author: Mutumba Mainga; 2010





This is a reprint of the 1973 edition of this study of the Lozi Kingdom in Western Zambia in the pre-colonial period. It discusses the nature and lines of development of the Lozi traditional structure and institutions from the time of the founding of the present Lozi dynasty to the Lozi concession to the British South Africa Company in the late nineteenth century.

A House in Zambia; Recollections of the ANC and Oxfam at 250 Zambezi Road, Lusaka, 1967-1997

Author: Robin Palmer; 2008





This is a story about a house with a history, and about the people who lived and worked there. It captures something of the spirit of the times in the worlds of politics and development.

John Mwanakatwe: My Autobiography
Author: John Mwanakatwe; 2003


ISBN:9982-24-021-8;  pp528



John Mwanakatwe was Zambia’s first university graduate. He worked as a teacher and a civil servant, and after independence was minister of education and minister of finance. He left government to practice as a lawyer. His autobiography gives a personal perspective to Zambia’s history.

Into Exile and Back
Author: Simon Zukas; 2002


ISBN:9982-24-020-x;  pp228



Simon Zukas is a Zambian member of that distinguished group of white Southern Africans of Jewish extraction who have committed themselves to the struggle for justice and equality in the region. This is the story of his political life.

An Election to Remember
Author: Chisanga Puta-Chekwe; 1999


ISBN: 9982-24-011-0;  pp102



An eye witness account of the historic 1994 election in South Africa. Chisanga Puta Chekwe, a Zambian lawyer living and working in Canada, was a UN observer to this election.

A Time to Mourn: a Peronal Account of the 1964 Lumpa Church Revolt in Zambia
Author: John Hudson; 1999


ISBN:9982-24-012-9;  pp160



John Hudson was the district commissioner at Isoka during the Lumpa revolt. His book surveys the academic literature on the Lumpa and recounts his own experiences. He argues that lack of decisive action by the government on the eve of independence allowed the situation to escalate into tragedy.

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